6 concepts we wish the new iPhone would take after

Grisha Serov

Inspired by the Apple Watch, this concept does away with that camera lens bump that had so many tech pundits up in arms when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was revealed. Apart from that cosmetic difference, the Home button with Touch ID has been moved to the top side of the phone for a more organic operation, making room for a big phat screen. The two volume buttons have evolved into a single one that also doubles up as a quick mute switch, for when you get embarassed by a call in the middle of a meeting.

Nikola Cirkovic

The antenna lines have been repurposed to make iPhone interaction that much easier. This concept forsakes old-fashioned buttons in favour of sensors. The lines detect when the phone should be inactive and automatically wakes it up when it’s held in front of your face. If the Apple Watch can instinctively blink to life when you raise your wrist, why not the iPhone, right?