6 of the best iPhone 7 cases

You wouldn't leave your brand new best friend unprotected, would you?

We hear congratulations are in order - you've taken the plunge and ordered the more powerful, waterproof, headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

If our hunch is correct, it's very likely that you've sprung for either the Jet Black or Black version. Why not? They're both new colours and they look ace. But they're sure as hell not invincible. 

To protect your new iBaby - regardless of its colour - you're going to want to slather it in some armour. And we've hand-picked some right here, for your viewing pleasure:

Peli Adventurer Case (RM165)

Peli talks big with its “You break it, we replace it… forever” lifetime guarantee.

While its simple muted style won’t turn heads on the cat walk, it promises to survive almost all of life’s mishaps, having been drop tested, heated and frozen multiple times during military-grade testing.

Buy the Peli Adventurer Case here 

Calypsocase Cabrio (RM925)

Yep. This is a case that costs almost RM1000. Madness isn’t it? But if you’re rolling around in a Veyron, you’ll probably appreciate its precision hands-crafted fine Italian leather, set with a silver band which runs around the outside edges.

Only 500 will ever be made, so make sure you buy a few dozen, in case one gets scuffed by your diamond ring. 

Buy the Calypsocase Cabrio

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case (RM155)

When is an iPhone case not an iPhone case? Why, when it’s a genuine leather wallet too, of course.

This rather attractive tan offering (also available in black) handily lets you slot your most important cards into your iPhone 7’s rear, though it’s probably best leaving your loyalty cards and Pokémon shines out of it, lest you ruin its sleek profile. 

Buy the Mujjo Wallet Case here