5 underrated iPhone apps and their hidden functions you should know about

They are more useful than you give them credit for, once you know how to tap into their full potential
The hidden functions of 5 underrated iPhone apps

Abandoned in a musty corner of our iPhones, these native Apple apps have been shunned for the more obviously useful downloaded fresh from the app store.

While not immediately evident, these made-by-Apple apps have their own little ways of adding convenience to your life. You just have to know how to work them. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined the secret uses of these formerly neglected apps for you to master before iOS 8 rolls out.

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1) Compass

The hidden functions of 5 underrated iPhone apps

What: It isn't just a one-trick pony for outdoorsy types only. Nah, homeowners will find the Compass app useful too.

How: Open up the app, do the 5-second roll around calibration and you get the usual compass. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Simply swipe to the left to unlock its other neat trick - as an inclinometer, a lot more useful for the non-outdoorsy iPhone user.

Hold up your phone in landscape mode to hang a picture on right, or lay it flat on the surface you’re trying to level, like your latest table purchase from IKEA.

In either situation, if you don’t agree with your phone, just tap and hold the screen when it's at what you think is the optimal levelness to make that stick.

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