5 TV opening sequences that are seared into every Malaysian’s brain

You can't forget these even if you tried

Remember when you bothered turning on your TV to watch something?

Those were the days, when we didn’t have to depend on HBO and Netflix to deliver the tube fixation. To reminisce those good old days, here are all the opening sequences of your favourite TV shows you've never realised are still stuck in your head. You’ll be shedding nostalgic tears in no time because the human mind is an amazing thing. 

mr bean

The British comedian recently celebrated his 25th anniversary by driving his iconic Mini on Buckingham grounds. Although the sitcom might have inspired an animated series, old is still gold. As ridiculous as they might have been, those original Mr Bean episodes were our guilty pleasure. And all it takes is for that spotlight to shine and that chorus to begin to bring it all back.

under one roof

Try and deny it all you like, but this local production might be one of the best shows that's ever made it onto local programming. You would think you would have forgotten the show’s theme song. But no. Cue the opening chords and all the words will come right back to you.

phua chu kang

Everyone’s favourite ah beng contractor is alive in everyone’s minds even if the series is long dead. There’s so much we love about PCK, and that gramophone playing signalled half an hour of Singlish-fuelled laughs. If we can’t have another season, can we at least have reruns?


There’s something timeless about Friends. You could still watch any episode from any of its 10 seasons and still find it as funny as you did so many years ago. What’s significant about its fountain-centred opening sequence is the fact that it never once filmed a new one. Full marks for achieving longevity in the fickle landscape of TVland.


That theme song is still as creepy as it was the first time around. Coupled with random freaky images, it’s not for scaredy cats. As a real TV classic, the opening sequence is as recognisable to non-fans as it is to fans. We can’t wait for the reboot and can only hope it will live up to the original.

Comedy Night

Every Monday night, we’d huddle around the TV for our regular dose of Liang Po Po and the comedy of Jack Neo and co. It’s a real pity that nothing that has been put out has achieved the greatness of this show. You won’t even remember how memorable this show is until you listen to the opening theme and realise you’ve never quite forgotten it.