5 things we love (and 4 things we hate) about the OnePlus 3T

4) It’s a little stronger

The OnePlus 3T’s processor has been given a boost too. It’s now rocking Snapdragon 821 brains as opposed to the 820, which means it’s a little more powerful, while improving in efficiency.

While you’re unlikely to notice much of a difference in regular use, we definitely noticed that certain games fired up much, much faster, showing off some of the benefits of the extra grunt.

5) It’s spacious

The OnePlus 3T is available in a larger 128GB option, in addition to the regular 64GB model.

This is good news for shutterbugs, music and movie hoarders, as they’ll never have to worry about running out of space again.

Having said that, this brings us rather nicely on to…

Things we hate

1) There’s still no bloomin’ microSD slot

Yep - 128GB of internal storage is nice and all, but you’ll have to fork out more money for it.

Given that the OnePlus 3T’s base price has risen too (more on that later), we’d have really appreciated a microSD slot for expanding storage space on the cheap.

Even if you’re not one to collect thousands of photos or songs, it’s nice to have the option to quickly pop a microSD card out to swap your content between different devices.