5 reasons you should play Dragon Blaze

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We’ve enjoyed being able to play great RPGs on our mobiles for a while now, but Dragon Blaze from internationally-reknowned game developers Gamevil is no ordinary mobile game.

Read on and find out what sets this modern epic apart from the others, and you'll be tapping away at it on your smart device in no time.

1. It’s all about the story

If you loved RPG classics like the Final Fantasy series because of its well-crafted storylines, you’ll be drawn to Dragon Blaze’s gripping narrative. RPGs live and die by the strength of their stories, after all. A winding saga of romance and adventure, you’ll spend fun-filled hours fighting Deathcrown to bring an end to the epic war between dragons and humans as a descendant of a long-extinct tribe. You’ll have five main characters to choose from, with hundreds of allies to aid you in the highly strategic gameplay.

2. It’s got superior graphics

Of course, even the best plot means nothing if the storytelling isn’t presented properly. You don’t want to stare at pixelated, featureless forms in this day and age, do you? Not when our phones are capable of Full HD graphics we used to only find on consoles, anyway. Dragon Blaze succeeds admirably on this front with gorgeous artwork and high definition graphics throughout the game, successfully immersing you in its fantasy world.

3. It’s localised for you, you, and you

How many games do you know of that are available in three different languages? Dragon Blaze was originally from South Korea, but has actually been translated to English, Bahasa Melayu and Simplified Chinese and localised for each market. That means more people can play in the language of their choosing, in the context of their home country. So, don’t be surprised when you suddenly see a Jalur Gemilang Avatar in the game.  

4. It’s suitable for both hardcore and casual gamers

Dragon Blaze’s strategic gameplay is highly customisable, letting you micromanage and optimise battles with user-specified tactics and party formations. More serious gamers would love that, but if you’re ever feeling lazy or are just more interested in the storyline than the actual gameplay, the game has a convenient Auto-Battle feature so your characters can fight on their own without your input.

5. It’s got a high level of service

Ever tried getting a problem resolved via tech support channels? Then you’d know how painfully slow it can be, if your issue gets addressed at all. Gamevil’s actually got local customer service support in both Singapore and Malaysia, with their staff able to handle enquiries in English, Bahasa Melayu, and Chinese as well. That means local gamers won't have to wait for customer service officers in another time zone to start work. Now that’s dedication to providing a great experience.

Download Dragon Blaze now on Android and iOS!