5 pieces of tech we couldn’t afford in the past that are really cheap now

Ask your parents how much they used to pay for these

We’ve all heard older folk make the same complaint: “When I was young, a bowl of noodles only used to cost RM0.03 (or something similar)!”

Despite the rising cost of living, there have been a few improvements to our meagre existences overall, all thanks to—you guessed it—technology.

Let's not delve into how tech is improving, extending, and in most cases, distracting us from our dull real lives, because that is most likely a TL;DR post. Let’s talk about the one deciding factor for being able to get your hands on stuff – its price. After all, accessibility greatly depends on your purchasing power; it doesn’t matter how great anything is if you can’t actually afford it.

And this is really where things are looking up. Because despite rising living costs all across the developed nations and the steady dreadful upward climb of inflation, technology prices have almost crashed in comparison to what they were just a few years ago, not to mention at the very beginning.

So have hope for the future, because even if you don’t have enough cash for food, chances are you’ll probably be able to still buy a SD card! Wait - we're not sure we’re selling this optimism thing quite right… Well anyway, that’s progress. 


In 1982, 1MB of memory would roughly cost you US$1980 (RM7964), not to mention that this was for a 246Kb memory module, which we assume would probably be the size of a brick. Nowadays, 1MB would cost you roughly US$0.0037 (RM0.01), which isn’t even a cent. And we’re talking purely about RAM here – storage memory is even more ludicrously priced: a 1TB hard-drive costs RM262 online, meaning that your price per MB is RM262 divided by 1000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros. If only they could get our mobile data plans to be that cheap as well…

And remember our joke about how memory is cheaper than food? It’s only funny because it’s true. For RM15, less that what you would need to be able to have a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal, you can buy an 8GB SanDisk flash drive. Probably wouldn’t taste as good though, even with curry sauce.