5 online sales your wallet wished you never knew

Ready, set, shop!

The proliferation of online shopping brought many smiley faces upon bargain hunters or budget-sensible folks around the region. Here are some sales you can count on happening throughout the year - and prepare your wallets for.

Disclaimer: We're not responsible for any bankruptcy claims arising from our recommendation.

Amazon.com - Black Friday Deals

Like most Black Friday sales in real life where prices indiscriminately crash all over, resembling the stock market in crisis, Amazon takes the practice to a virtual arena.

It's the ideal sale if you have a thing for huge purchases in electronics, and finding your latest buys at your doorstep weeks later like a kid on Christmas morning. BBC reports that Amazon Black Friday sales see up to 64 items sold per second, with 4 million items sold on one day alone. That's a whole lot of buying.

When: Black Friday follows after Thanksgiving, making it 27th November 2015 this year.

Where: Amazon.com, of course.