The 5-minute guide to Apple's iPhone 8 event

4) Apple Watch no longer needs a phone

Three years after it first launched, the Apple Watch is finally a fully formed smartwatch. The Watch Series 3 boasts bountiful app support, GPS and waterproofing, but what's more it can now make and receive phone calls. Well, if you pick up the version with cellular support it can.

A Series 3 without cellular is also available, and it’s basically the excellent Series 2 Watch with a new, more efficient W2 processor chip.

5) iOS 11 is out next Tuesday

We already knew the latest version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system was due out imminently; now it’s been given a proper release date. Haven’t read the subhead yet? You’ll be able to get your hands on a new and improved Siri, superior Apple Maps app and multiroom AirPlay on September 19.

6) The new Apple TV is in 4K. At last

On the surface, the next-gen Apple TV looks identical to its predecessor, as does that handy Siri remote. Under the hood, though, it’s a very different beast. The headline feature here is undoubtedly 4K HDR.

Late to the party, sure, but Apple’s arrived at the door with the very welcome gift of an automatic 4K upgrade to anything you’ve already bought - at no extra cost. iTunes won’t be charging any more than what you paid for HD movies either. UK users are finally getting the TV app, too, although it remains to be seen what channels we end up with.