5 Malaysian Games To Look Out For In Tokyo Game Show

The best of Malaysian video games in Tokyo

The Tokyo Game Show is happening as we speak and it's another great year for game developers to show off their creations to gamers around the world. This also gives Malaysia a chance to show off their talents, and we can assure you that there's plenty of it shining this year. 

Even if you were unable to attend Tokyo Game Show, it's good to know about these companies who are working hard to promote their games here in Japan. As such, here are five notable companies and their games currently being promoted here at the Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Gamelobb - Battle of the Rim

Battle Of The Rim is Gamelobb's latest 4 vs 4 battle arena game. This game is based on the Moba genre with additional PVPVE elements where the focus remains on boss fight instead of tower pushing and destroying base to win. The game also has the ability to be the next eSports game to look out for, and with Asian inspired folklore characters such as Bomohs and female vampires, the game exemplifies the potential of a Malaysian gaming experience.

Magnus Game Studios - Re: Legend

If you've been to local gaming events, or are in touch with local games, you would know this one. Re: Legend is a monster raising focused JRPG with features such as farming, fishing, crafting, village building, multiplayer and more. The game is currently available as Early Access on Steam so be sure to support the team as they continue to promote the game in Japan as well!

Why Creative - Iteno - Count by Heart

Sometimes all we need is a simple puzzle game for a challenge, add on with a splash of maths and colourful levels and you will get Iteno - Count by Heart. The game aims to bring joy to mundane counting by combining fun gameplay and unique puzzles, so you'll have fun while also thinking in numbers. The game is currently available on mobile in Malaysia and Singapore, so be sure to play it! In the meantime, the Why Creative team is working hard to get publishers to expand the game further to other countries.

Passion Republic - Giga Bash

For the love of kaijus! Giga Bash is a kaiju arena brawler where giant monsters (and even heroes) battle it out in cities and exotic places around the world. Players can fight with up to four players in local competitive couch play, control unique giants inspired by classic monster films, and cause mayhem in fully destructible arenas. The game is set to stand out among the crowd as it received a fair amount of coverage from even Gematsu and Japanese Nintendo!

Fuloso - Kween of Queens

Think drag queen culture is great and you binge watch RuPaul? Then this game by Fuloso is for you. Called Kween of Queens, you play a pole dancing drag queen slider game where you collect diamonds, avoid obstacles and your weapon is a Unipon, a Unicorn pony that shoots rainbows. It's as visually amazing as the drag queens you see on TV. 

Here's wishing the best to our local game makers and may they continue to put their talents and skills on the map!