5 essential apps for the football season

Here are some apps that'll enhance this season's footy watching experience

BPL season has started and it’s time for the trolling - we mean banter - to commence. Here are some apps you’ll definitely want on your phone to keep you up to date and in tune to what’s happening in the Barclay’s Premiere League (BPL).

FourFourTwo Stats Zone (Free)

FourFourTwo Live Score Stats (Free)

This is the ultimate app for all you football stat heads. Be your own pundit with all the stats you need about every player and team in the league. Need to know how many times RVP missed a shot on goal or how many times Lampard’s been booked in the season? This app is for you.

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Live Score Addicts (Free)

Live Score Addicts (Free)

Can’t seem to monitor all the games cause you only have a single telly? This app will be a God send. For live statistics and fast updates of what’s happening during a match, this is everything you need for fast, live match information pushes. It’s also highly customisable so it’ll only push what you need and it even lists down after match highlights in video. Did we mention it has 300 over leagues, including Malaysia’s own Super League on file?

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Football Banter for Fans (Free)

Football Banter for Fans (Free)

What’s better than trolling banter with your mates during a match? Doing it with total strangers online. There’s the standard news feed that most football monitoring apps have but most people would use this to discuss all things football, especially that of the BPL. You can discuss topics by team, match and even league. Just remember, do not feed the trolls. 

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Football Manager Handheld 2013 (US$9.99)

Football Manager Handheld 2013

Not happy with what Wenger’s doing with the team or you think the Special One Mourinho isn’t really that 'special' after all? Why don’t you try your hand at managing a team? Football Manager Handheld 2013 allows you to run your club as you see fit and you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself for their bad performance. But note: what happens in the game doesn’t affect your club in real life.

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FIFA 2013 (US$4.99)

FIFA 2013

If the managerial side of things just doesn’t cut it for you, this more action packed game will be more to your liking. This is the best football sim you’re going to get on your mobile (until FIFA 2014 comes out that is), and it’ll be a great time waster during half time. That is, if you’re not discussing how much of a 'banker' the referee is. 

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