5 of the creepiest websites that exist on the Internet

The Internet is a scarier place than you could possibly imagine

There are family-friendly neighborhoods and there are less-than-friendly ones. The trick is knowing the difference and we've gone through the lot of them to curate only the creepiest ones for you. 

Here are our top picks for getting your scare-craving sated. All of them are safe for work (creepypasta.com may have NSFW elements, you have been warned), we know you're dying to go explore one already...


5. World Births and Deaths

The name of this site may not exactly instill fear, until it dawns on you what the site really is: a simulation of births and deaths happening around the world, at this very second.

Ranker.com dramatically called this site a “Death Map”. If you’re a hypochondriac, this site is your worst nightmare. It can be terrifying to think about how many people are dying right now, as you’re reading these words. With this map, you now have a rough estimate.

The site is of course not meant to scare you. It’s supposed to be informative. Real-time simulations are going to take up a lot of processing power, so you may have to quite a few applications to get it to run smoothly. And don’t forget to close the tab when you’re done, else it’s RIP your computer speed. 

4. Creepypasta.com

Creepypasta is the online equivalent of a ghost story. But even that description doesn’t do it justice. Creepypasta is a scary story written so well that you have no way of knowing if the events actually happened.

Creepypasta started out on the discussion board 4chan and can be very much NSFW, but 4chan has been leaking into other sites for some time now. And now, will you look at that, there is a full-blown website dedicated to creepypasta.

Read all of the Creepypasta classics like Jeff the Killer, Slenderman and WHO WAS PHONE? here as well as freshly prepared servings. As if we needed more trouble getting to sleep.