5 creative iPad apps to give you the art-thentic analogue experience

Spare the trees and your wallet your amateur stickmen art, go professional with these affordable artful apps instead
5 creative iPad apps to give you the art-thentic analogue experience

Always wanted to give oil painting a shot without going out and investing in costly materials? Why not give it a go on your iPad instead since you’re only using it to read comics and watch movies

The app store is a treasure trove of quality apps that you only need to discover to unlock a world of artistic potential. And we’ve gathered the best-looking, most professional painting apps in one spot so that you can pursue that creative inspiration on a whim without mortally wounding your wallet. You’re welcome, starving artists. 

Procreate (US$5.99)

5 creative iPad apps to give you the art-thentic analogue experience

From pencil sketching to painting, this iPad-exclusive artistic app does it all. Its array of 120 brushes, each with 30 customisable settings, presents endless opportunities to create your own art piece, probably even more so than in real life. 4K canvases, different smudge abilities, and the function of swapping layers qualify this as a professional digital artist’s studio.

Remember that amazing Morgan Freeman piece? This app was all Kyle Lambert used to create that, aside from pure talent of course. Now that you’ve seen what the app is capable of, go forth and (pro)create.

Good for: Digital Dalis

Get Procreate here

Paper by FiftyThree (US$free)

Paper by FiftyThree from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

If you’re not willing to even fork over a single cent, Paper by FiftyThree is a good way to start exploring your inner Van Gogh. With an attractive and easy-to-use interface, it’s like fingerpainting for amateurs without the permanent irreversibility of mistakes. The free version comes with only the draw function, but that should be enough for someone who’d like to refine his stickman art. Should you want to switch up tools, they’re available at RM1.99 each or RM6.99 for the entire arsenal.

Fingers too coarse for fine art? Invest in the stylus created to accompany this app, plainly called Pencil to sketch more authentically.

Good for: Casual doodlers

Get Paper by FiftyThree here

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