5 classic spine-tingling games to get the scare on this Halloween

Don’t look behind you, it’s that time of year when the ghastly ghouls and ghosts come out to play
5 classic spine-tingling games to get the scare on this Halloween

Like all Halloween-crazed folks, we want to scare, we mean, prep you for the fright fest. Not keen on walking the Halloween grounds? Battle undead dogs, restless demon spirits, and space zombies, all in the comfort of your own home with our recommended scariest games.

Be forewarned: you might not be able to sleep for the next day or so after playing, but who needs sleep? You can join YouTube’s PewDiePie, who practically made his career off of jump scares, and scream through the night.

And even if you do intend to sleep, we promise you’ll be sleeping with the lights on.

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Dead Space

Get your sci-fi survival horror fix here. Dead Space has got sheer terror on lockdown. There’s no lack of blood and gruesome action in this game: set in the darkness of deep space, players take on the role of engineer to fix up a mining ship. Of course, this turns into a nightmare with gory alien attacks, decapitation, and sucking chest wounds..


A classic cult favourite, Slender Man has helped boost sales of underpants brands everywhere. Trust us, after you’re done playing this game you’re going to need a new pair.

The objective is simple: find the notes before Slender Man finds you. Sound easy enough? Try doing that while being stalked down by a horrifying creature in the middle of the woods.

For a truly horrifying experience, play this one with the lights off, Oculus Rift on, and your headphones’ volume up.

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Resident Evil 2

An improved formula with a new level of elevated terror from the first game in Capcom’s Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 2 is packed full of memorable scenes and possibly one of the greatest jump scares of all time. Think you can survive the horrors of the T-virus outbreak? Think again. The zombies are coming.

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Amnesia - The Dark Descent

This first-person survival horror game delivers an experience that will chill you to the core. The interactive adventure will take you into a horrifying descent into the human psyche, so bid all sanity goodbye when you start playing. 

You take on the role of Daniel, who has just woken up with (surprise, surprise) amnesia. Scramble to survive as you gather clues to discover what’s happened to you, but be warned, he rapidly descends into insanity in the darkness. There’s an array of horrific monstrosities roaming the hallways that will rip you apart in a heartbeat. Did we mentioned you’re unarmed? Don’t forget to breathe.

Silent Hill 2

Thanks to Konami, here’s yet another game out of the Silent Hill series that is equally as scary as it is psychologically unnerving.

You play as James, who comes across a mysterious letter from his dead wife, asking him to meet her at Silent Hill. Return to the foggy town populated by the mentally unsound and horrifying monsters and unlock time solving puzzles while your heart falls out of your chest. 

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Check this out: P.T.

The interactive teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills is downright terrifying. The brainchild of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, P.T. is but a mere preview of what’s to come. The game makes you walk through the corridor of a very, very creepy house in first-person view again and again, sort of like a insane man’s version of Groundhog Day, except in this game, the more you poke around, the scarier it gets.