5 boardgames that ditched the board and went digital

Elder Sign: Omens

Cthulu mythos or horror fans will love this classic boardgame ported to mobile. Elder Sign:Omens puts you in charge of a team of four investigators with the task of preventing ancient beings of evil from destroying the world via artifacts hidden in a museum. If you're unfamiliar with Cthulu, he's one of the cosmic entities oft-mentioned in works by H.P. Lovecraft, a man known for writing very scary stories.

What happens: your team wanders around a museum. And tries to get to the bottom of things...before they get killed by random monsters. But most importantly, you need to collect Elder Signs - special tokens needed to banish the evil nasties.

A fairly simple turn-based game, it takes away some of the more challenging bits from the original boardgame but instead focuses on making it as streamlined as possible.For more fun, there are added expansions for you to buy.

The phone also works great as a pass-and-play game where you can have different people controlling different investigators - just pass along the Android tablet or iPad and you're all set.

The perfect download for Halloween parties, honestly.

Buy it from Google Play (US$3.99) or the App Store (US$3.99)