5 boardgames that ditched the board and went digital

Lose the board and sling the box - kick virtual geek ass with these digi-boardgames
Settlers of Catan

Boardgaming is fun, in fact we've got a couple that we ourselves love to play. The thing is, some people are just put off by the time it takes to set them up. Depending on the game, you might spend 10-15 minutes just laying out the board and arranging pieces, and that's time some would rather be getting in on some actual gaming action.

There is an electronic alternative though as some of the more popular titles have already been adapted for mobile operating systems, and we're not just talking about Monopoly here. So sit back relax and hit download for these digital boardgames that'll make your life just a little more fun. 



Ascension:Chronicles of the Godslayer is a deckbuilding game - a genre where you are dealt out cards from a pool and throughout the game, you will pick and choose cards to add to your play deck. If that sounds familiar think Magic: The Gathering or (shivers) Pokemon.  Ascension has more in common with the former and it's no surprise there since it's created by former Magic: The Gathering Pro Player, John Gary (yes we know a Pro Magic: The Gathering player sounds ridiculous but with up to US$40,000 going to winners in some competition, maybe it's not that ridiculous after all). 

Set in a fantasy world just like MagicAscension is fast-paced and easy to pick up yet hard to master. Your mission iAscension is to accumulate as many 'honour' points as you can before game end. This is achieved by either battling monsters or acquiring high value cards and since it wouldn't be fun if you only did one, you'll definintely need  do both to really ensure your victory at the end of a game. Also, despite the fact that it is a multiplayer game, bad losers or the friendless will still be able to enjoy it since you can either choose to play with bots or, if you REALLY have to, with other players via the game's server.

Download it from the App Store (US$4.99).