5 of the best soundbars you can buy

Helpfully ranked according to budget

Looking to maximise your home entertainment experience? All you have to do is add a simple soundbar. After all, as far as TVs have come in terms of visual quality, their audio capabilities are still somewhat lacking. A good soundbar fills that gap nicely, making Netflix sessions at home all the more enjoyable. Here are five of the best in the market right now, ranked in terms of budget.


It’s compact, sounds great, looks sleek, and is extra affordable. There’s almost nothing to dislike about the Razer Leviathan… except that it doesn’t have a remote. That instantly relegates it to your desk or a secondary TV setup instead of a must-have for your living room, since you can’t be running to it every time you want to adjust the volume. As an added bonus, it has Bluetooth connectivity on top of its optical and Aux inputs, letting you use it for everything from mobile devices to game consoles.

YAMAHA YAS-203 (US$350 [RM1,535])

The YAS-203 is perfect for blasting your living room with gorgeous sound if you’re on a budget. For just RM1,535, you’re getting much more that what you’re paying for, with a soundbar that sounds larger and better than its competition. You can use it with pretty much all your media needs, and if you ever lose the remote – or don’t want to fight for it with family members – you can always use Yamaha’s app.


For a more comprehensive home entertainment setup, you’ll need a Sonos Playbar. Besides adding awesome audio to add to your viewing pleasure, it can do everything a regular Sonos speaker does. That means it’ll stream music directly from services such as Spotify, or tracks saved on your mobile devices via the Sonos app. The Playbar can also connect to other Sonos speakers, allowing you to continually expand it by adding Play 3s or Play 5s and blanket your entire home in sound.


Those hoping to match a soundbar to their curved TVs need look no further than the Samsung Curved Soundbar J8501. Sporting the same premium aesthetic as Samsung’s curved displays, the J8501 will literally add another dimension to what you’re watching or listening to, thanks to 9.1 ch Surround Sound expansion technology and High Definition Audio. Don’t worry if your curved TV isn’t a Samsung either – it’ll work with anything given its wide variety of inputs. However, pairing it with a Samsung TV offers expanded capabilities, such as Multiroom Link that’ll hook the J8501 with other devices around the house via an app.


Finally, those with the cash to splash can go for the Focal Dimension subwoofer bundle. At almost RM6000, it’s not for everyone, but you’re paying for a solidly built full-aluminium body setup that can be used as a soundbase too In case you were wondering, a soundbase is something you can place the TV on top of and integrates the subwoofer into its design, as opposed to a separate soundbar and subwoofer like the ones featured above. On it’s own, it’ll fill your living room with beautiful, high-clarity sound that’s superb for both movies and music. But if you’re looking for a full surround sound setup, you’d probably be better off adding accessories and options to the Sonos or Samsung systems above.