The 5 best games for graphics

Visual feasts so breathtaking, we almost forgot to shoot everyone
Visual feasts

There are some hugely talented artists in video game design, from concept painters to level designers to the people who record the "hghhurrgh" noises your enemies make when you shoot their spleen off. Here are five games that deserve to be hung on the wall of a museum. In a good way.

5. Limbo (2010)

Presented entirely in a black-and-white silhouette style, this strange little platformer is a quiet, arty, affecting triumph in which a boy explores a broken world filled with monsters and odd machines.

4. Blade Runner (1997)

Given how non-futuristic our PCs were in 1997, this 3D adventure game captured an amazing amount of the film’s mood. Its Esper photo machine could zoom around corners, too. “He looks familiar…”

3. MotorStorm (2007)

The manly chassis of Sony’s PS3 was puffed out to the max by MotorStorm, which stood above early PS3 games in offering properly next-gen draw distances, lighting effects and very dramatic carplosions.

2. Crysis (2007)

For years, when you bought a new PC or graphics card, this was what you loaded up to see what it could do. The jungle world was all but perfect, the lighting and effects capable of taxing the most hardcore gaming machines.

1. Another World (1991)

This visually stunning sci-fi platformer proves you don’t need high-end hardware to make something beautiful. The graphics may be 8-bit but the cutscenes and backdrops are genuinely cinematic, and the monsters are genuinely frightening, because it’s just a brilliant piece of visual art.

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