5 of the best Apple Lightning headphones

Turn your back on the audio jack with these fine ‘phones

Traditional headphones are dead. Long live Lightning.

OK, so perhaps that’s only true if you’re planning on buying the shiny new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Still, with Apple's controversial decision to ditch the old-fashioned 3.5mm input now confirmed, it might be time to consider your headphone selection. You could, of course, opt for some Bluetooth beauties – such as the brilliant Bose QuietComfort 35 – but, if wired reliance is more your bag, here are our top crop of Lightning cans.

Audeze Sine (RM2490)

iPhone-ready and 3.5mm-friendly, these sweet-sounding cans offer impeccable sound quality courtesy of planar magnetic drivers. Not to be confused with a robot chauffeur, this audio voodoo uses an ultra-thin membrane to create sound – and it’s delicious.

The design might not be winning awards any time soon, but the sheer quality of Lightning audio makes the Sine ‘phones a superb choice for those of finer hearing.

Buy the Audeze Sines here

Audeze EL-8 (RM3990)

For those with even more cash to splash, you’ll struggle to find a sweeter set of on-ears than the EL-8s. Designed by a team from BMW, they pack pro-grade audio in an alluring aluminium frame.

Handmade and built to last, the EL-8's impossibly thin diaphragms alongside clever coil technology help reduce distortion and increase resolution, whilst powerful magnets ensure sound that’s arrestingly accurate. If you’re passionate about plugging premium kit into your iPhone 7, these are the cans for the job.

Buy the Audeze EL-8s here