5 of the best 4K TVs you can buy

It’s about time to upgrade if you haven’t done so already

We’ve just seen a slew of 4K TVs equipped with HDR hit CES 2016, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for them. There’s hardly enough native 4K content for today’s generation of TVs as it is, so you can bet HDR-enabled sources will take even longer to reach the mainstream. Plus, these new TVs are bound to cost a pretty sum, while what he have now will inevitably fall in price, making this the best time to pick from the current crop of 4K TVs. We’ve ranked five of the best options for you below according to budget, and they should leave you in good stead for quite a few years to come. They’ll all upscale Full HD content to 4K with admirable results too.

SAMSUNG UE55JS9000 (RM19,970)

Fancy a curved SUHD TV for less than RM20,000? Look no further than the Samsung 55in UE55JS9000. Besides looking positively striking in your living room, its smart functions and connectivity options will keep the family happily occupied. Its picture quality is also one of the best we’ve ever seen, with Nano Crystal Technology producing vivid colour, dynamism, contrast, and detail that’s just stunning.


In terms of screen quality, it’s hard to get any better than LG’s OLED 4K displays. At just S$5499 (RM16,830), the LG 55EG920T is superb value for 55 curved inches of this revolutionary technology. Besides a dazzling display filled with outstanding contrast, colourful images, and deep blacks, the EG920T is also one of the smartest around thanks to Web OS.

LG 55EG960T (RM 21,420 converted from S$6,999)

If you’ve got a bit more money to spend on an LG OLED TV, you’ll want the higher-specced 55EG960T. You won’t regret it. Capable of even more gorgeous imagery than the EG920T mentioned above, the EG960T pairs its 4K OLED display with Harman Kardon speakers, providing a more complete entertainment experience.

SAMSUNG UE65JS9500 (RM22,960 converted from S$7499)

We’d expect nothing less than spectacular from Samsung’s 2015 flagship TV, and we were not disappointed with the 65in curved JS9500. Equipped with Samsung’s fantastic SUHD screen with Nano Crystal Colour technology – such as on the JS9000 above – enhanced with HDR compatibility, your media will be brought even closer to life.

SONY KD-75X9400C (RM39,999)

For those whom money is no object, Sony’s flagship TV last year, the 75in mammoth X9400C, presents itself as a solid option. While superb picture quality in all aspects is a given, where the X9400C stands out is in its powerful, front-facing speakers. Simply put, they are some of the best ever put on a TV, and the X9400C is even equipped with High Res Audio playback to fully show them off.