5 awesome new features in World of Warcraft: Legion

We chat with WoW developers to get the lowdown on the latest expansion

After almost a two year wait, World of Warcraft: Legion is finally launching.

The 6th instalment of the WoW franchise is packed with cool new features and tons of epic lore woven masterfully throughout the game. We talk to WoW developers Adam Kugler and Travis Day to break down what’s in store for players, and to find out how to get the most out of Legion.

Heads up, this might just be the expansion pack that’ll make you renew your dusty old WoW subscription.

Demon Hunter class

The newest class in Legion is based largely on the lore of Illidan Stormrage and the fantasy of metamorphing and becoming a demon for a short amount of time. Demon Hunters get their own bespoke starting experience, a little storyline that unfolds as you do the initial introduction to the class and introduction to where you fit into the lore for Legion, where you also get to see the reverse perspective of Illidan.

Demon Hunters have two primary specializations: one is all melee DPS focused (the high mobility Fell Rush and Vengeful Retreat), the other spec is Vengeance, a tanking spec. Vengeance is one of the more high skill capped tanks, so there are more active abilities that you’re rotating through in order to mitigate damage.

Where Havoc has a lot of raw mobility of jumping around and Fell Rushing, Vengeance has an ability to move around with Infernal Strife. They also have the ability to do more projected controls, letting them grab people and pull them to one place or silence from a distance, so they have a bit more power projection as opposed to just raw mobility.

Demon Hunter bonuses

“We had this idea of having the night elves or blood elves just containing the demon within them, so one of the key things that we did for the art is the demon burstting out of you and smashing down before going back to normal — it’s like you’re just bursting with power.

They’re really good utility buttons because they all have their own separate cooldowns and you can chain them to each other. Especially in mythic dungeons — they have tons of utility that other tanks don’t necessarily have. But they’re also a little bit more fragile because they’re an agility class. Very versatile character, great to have on the team.”

Legendary Artifacts

Since lore is such a strong theme in Legion, the latest expansion will allow players to wield class-specific weapons based on Warcraft lore. As such, paladins will be able to use the sword Ashbringer, shamans can acquire the legendary Doomhammer and fire mages can earn Felo'melorn, amongst other great weapons.

Aside from looking awesome, these badass weapons will also grow in power and add bonuses to your spec’s abilities as your character gets stronger. Questing, dungeons, raids, and PvP will give you Artifact Points which are used to unlock traits, like a mini talent tree for your weapon. You can also slot Relics into your weapon to increase its DPS and stats. And possibly the best part about Artifacts – they’re fully customizable so your character will look totally unique.

Get more out of Artifacts

“The artifacts feature unique slots that will take traits that you’ve unlocked and amplify their impact — this adds another layer to the customization, especially when you get to the PvP environment.

Depending on your playstyle, there are going to be different traits that you prefer, different things you like more than others. You can get into these layers of deep customization that are actually really cool and that will help you augment your playstyle.”