5 Acer Products That Will Keep You Productive At Home During Malaysia's MCO

There are even promotions to look out for!

Being stuck during the Movement Control Oder (MCO) has forced many of us to work from home. Despite how convenient it seems, a home can come off as not a very productive setting, considering how home doesn't always have office-like seating with proper tables and chairs for working long periods of time. In fact, perhaps even the power outlets are nowhere near your most comfortable seats to be working from.

Take it from me, I'm currently working on the dining table.

As such, it was interesting to see what Acer has to offer to help out those in need of the right device to help them with this current situation. Here's what Acer recommends you look for to activate your best performance from anywhere in your house - from the porch to the kitchen table - with few or no constraints at all, and 7 of their best device to help you do so.

1. Look for long battery life

To keep you in the most comfortable seat that might not be near power outlets, a laptop with longer battery life helps you maintain the productivity without pulling cable from one end to another of your house.

Laptops like the 10th Gen Intel CPU, Acer Aspire 3 comes with up to 7.5 hours battery life from a single full charge. This means you can have a better work from home experience, no more tripping over cables at home! The fast SSD that it comes with also does not hurt, as it provides quick Windows startup, loading of documents and applications.

At 7.5 hours, it is not longest battery life laptop from Acer. That honour falls to the best-selling Acer Swift 5 offering all the performance you need on-the-go comes with up to 11 hours battery life while weighing only a feathery 0.99kg light. We were informed that currently there are very limited stocks available to ship to customers' home during this MCO.

2. Look for right performance that meets your need

You might feel that the laptop you usually use to watch Netflix works perfectly. However, when it comes to executing tasks during the work from home period, it does not cut it. This might be due to it having a normal HDD hard disk, a lower RAM and a processor that is not capable of multitasking.

In order to support your multiple browsing tabs, large spreadsheet and heavy programs that require performance and RAM, we recommend getting a device with at least an Intel® CoreTM i7, dedicated graphics card, 512GB SSD and 8GB RAM to enable uncompromised productivity.

The new 15.6-inch Acer Nitro 5 ticks all boxes mentioned above. With an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660Ti with IPS display that supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, you even can use it to play some games after your work is done. In addition, you may upgrade the laptop after this MCO if you require larger storage or bigger RAM. If you seek a bigger screen, the Acer Nitro 5 comes with a 17.3-inch option that supports up to 144Hz refresh rate.

3. Look for bigger or secondary display to maximize productivity and entertainment

Some of you might be used to a bigger monitor in your office, and even a 15.6 inch display simply is not enough for you to work on complicated spreadsheets or refer to multiple sources at the same time.

You may consider adding a secondary display for more real estate for your work. As a reminder, please choose a monitor that can fit on your table as you may not be able to get a new table right now! Otherwise monitors with VESA mount support may help you solve the issue if you have a bracket.

The 24-inch Acer KG241QA monitor would be just nice to fit on most table, and you can mount it to the wall via VESA mount with VESA bracket (the monitor does not come with bracket though). With an FHD display that supports up to 144Hz refresh rate and minimum 0.6ms respond time, it is more than adequate as a secondary display when you work, and is perfectly ready for gaming after working hours.

Stay at home also means you look for more entertainment (after all you can’t be working or cooking/eating all the time...). So, if you are looking for a projector for content sharing or video calls from a smartphone with your family members, the Acer C250i multi-angle projector comes with a unique twisted roll design that enables projecting the screen onto a wall, ceiling or any flat surface wirelessly. It is the world’s 1st auto portrait!

Acer Products And Special Deals

Based on the above, here are the 5 products Acer recommends (along with their variations) to keep yourself productive:

  • Acer Aspire 3 (A315-55G-541R) - 15.6-inch FHD, Intel® CoreTM i5-10210u, NVIDIA® GeForce® MX230, 512GB SSD, 4GB RAM - RM2399 
  • Acer Swift 5 (SF514-54T-52AS) - 14-inch FHD with multi touch, Intel® CoreTM i5-1035G1, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Pre-install Microsoft Office 2019 - RM3699 
  • Acer Swift 5 (SF514-54T-70AA) - 14-inch FHD with multi touch, Intel® CoreTM i7-1065G7, Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, Pre-install Microsoft Office 2019 - RM4699
  • Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-54-76ZC) - 15.6-inch FHD, Intel® CoreTM i7-9750H, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660Ti, 512GB SSD, 8GB RA- RM4499
  • Acer Nitro 5 (AN517-51-73JS) - 17.3-inch FHD, Intel® CoreTM i7-9750H, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660Ti, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM - RM5299 
  • Acer KG241QA - 23.6-inch FHD, Up to 144Hz refresh rate, minimum 0.6ms respond time, AMD FreeSync, HDMI(2.0) x2 + DP (1.4) x1 - RM599
  • Acer C250i - Full HD, 5000 : 1 Contrast ratio, 300 Lumens brightness, Up to 30,000 hours lamp life, 9000mAh Li-ion battery - RM1699

All devices are available from the Acer official online store with limited stock availability during MCO.

In conjunction with Lazada’s birthday sales, there are additional promotion for Acer Aspire 3 (A315-55G- 541R) and Acer Nitro 5 (AN517-51-73JS) on 27 March. Customers who purchase select Acer models from 1 February to 31 March 2020 will be entitled to redeem Acer Malaysia’s 30th Anniversary’s free gifts at this website.