4 IOS apps you need this week

Amass a new zombie-punishing plant army and get photobombed by Grumpy Cat in our pick of the best new apps from the App Store
Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 (Free)

Plants vs Zombies 2

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the ridiculously popular Plants vs Zombies has a sequel. You know the drill (or if you don’t, where have you been?) – your aim is to amass a plant army strong enough to hold off a zombie invasion that’s headed right for you. From Bonk Choy to Lightning Reed, there are plenty of new plants to get to grips with, not to mention plenty of new zombies to meet and defeat – even zombie chickens get in on the action this time. Add to that new environments and plenty of unlockables, and you’ve got a serious time sapper on your hands.

CARROT Alarm (Free)


If you’ve got so used to your iPhone alarm you turn it off without even realising, maybe it’s time for some tough love. And CARROT Alarm may be just the app to administer it. Described as a ‘hilariously twisted AI construct’, CARROT Alarm is packed full of witty phrases and songs to tempt you out of bed. She’ll even have you doing some rather bizarre tasks to really wake you up. Go back to sleep at your peril though. That’s when she gets really mad…

Grumpybomb – Grumpy Cat Photobomb (Free)

Grumpybomb – Grumpy Cat Photobomb

If you haven’t stumbled across Grumpy Cat during your travels around the world wide web, you’re doing the internet wrong. She’s been named by MSNBC as 2012’s most influential cat, and won BuzzFeed’s Meme of the Year at this year’s Webby Awards. So now that she’s totally pwned the internet, she’s moving on to apps. Grumpybomb allows you to place Grumpy Cat and some similarly peeved felines into your photos with some excellently grouchy pre-written captions to accompany them. In app purchases will allow you access to more annoyed looking cats, more phrases and an text editor to write your own.

Fetch – A Boy and his Dog (Free)

Fetch – A Boy and his Dog

Last but not least this week, a heart-warming game that follows the journey of a young boy looking to rescue his dog, Bear. He’s been snatched by a fire hydrant in the night (hey, we didn’t say it was realistic) – and you’re on a mission to get him back. Battle aliens, build robots and pilot a rocket ship in this charmingly animated game that pulls together elements of old-school point and clicks, action and arcade games. A bit of something for everyone, then – but bear in mind that the full game will require an in-app purchase.