360fly action camera: Pretty fly for a wide guy

What lies beneath

The battery is pretty small and lasts just about over an hour on a single charge. You can't replace it, so you need to charge it, which means carrying its dock around if you're expecting to shoot all day.

Incidentally, you'll need it to connect the 360fly to your desktop as well. The same can be said about its internal memory – 64GB is all you get, and you have to manage it constantly if you take videos and photos on a regular basis. It's manageable if you make provisions before filming, but a massive headache if you weren't aware and were unprepared for its limitations.

It does, however, use a regular tripod screw mount, so thankfully there's no need to purchase an additional adaptor. 


The 360fly is waterproof up to 10 metres out-of-the-box, which is great to have – but make sure you put in a mic plug first. The enlarged lens also means a bigger area for unfortunate accidents to happen, so it's something to think about. It also means that the lens is a massive fingerprint magnet, thus you'll always need a lint-free cloth at the ready at all times – fingerprints are particularly noticeable in videos.

It'd be good if they sell a protective case for the 360fly because the lens seems particularly vulnerable. If you mount it on your helmet for bike stunts, prepare for a world of hurt, because you won't be the only one to come out worse for the wear.

Software simplicity

The 360fly app strikes a balance between simplicity and usefulness. It makes it easy to share videos and photos to sites like Facebook and YouTube, or 360fly's very own hosting service. This service has the added advantage of removing a small empty black area at the bottom – the 120-degrees the 360fly can't capture – as well as better video quality because most social and sharing sites will 'nerf' the video quality. However, not all phones work with the app, so make a quick check on the website to see if your smartphone is on the list.

Converting videos is a straightforward process, and you can do it within both the smartphone app or desktop application (360fly Director), where you can also apply simple edits like trimming and merging (desktop only). You can also edit videos in standard video editing programs, but you'll need to use the 360fly Director program to flatten the clips for export.

You'll also need it for cool effects, like the POV mode where you eschew the free-look mode for a controlled view for the viewer (you can do this on the app as well). If you need to live stream, the 360fly supports Livit, too.