13) Fire Emblem Warriors

Platforms: Switch, New Nintendo 3DS

We'll have to wait until next year to get a proper new Switch entry in the much-loved, mostly-handheld Fire Emblem strategy franchise, but maybe Fire Emblem Warriors can keep fans sated in the meantime. Koei's Dynasty Warriors template is used again here, for a wild hack-and-slash affair against hundreds upon hundreds of generic soldiers.

Truth be told, we've grown tired of that usual approach in the past, but the Legend of Zelda-themed Hyrule Warriors had its moments, and maybe Fire Emblem will likewise translate well. It's also coming to the 3DS, albeit only the more powerful New 3DS and 2DS models.

Due: 20 October

14) Hidden Agenda

Platform: PlayStation 4

Sony's PlayLink initiative – which revolves around PS4 games you can control with your mobile phone – might seem ripe for casual and party fare, but Hidden Agenda might surprise you.

It's a game about a serial killer called The Trapper, and you'll control a detective and a district attorney as you attempt to solve the case before he strikes again. Multiple people can use their respective phones to make key decisions in this tense game, which comes from Supermassive Games, the makers of the grim and great Until Dawn.

Due: 24 October


15) Battle Chef Brigade

Platforms: Switch, PC

Battle Chef Brigade comes with an uncommon premise: it's a cooking game, but also a beat-'em-up of sorts, but also a puzzle game – with a fantasy setting. Weird, right? But like a fine dish, these disparate ingredients seem to blend into a rather compelling result.

This upcoming indie gem has been on the horizon for a few years now and was crowdfunded, but now with the finish line in sight, Adult Swim Games on as publisher, and a Nintendo Switch version out at launch, we'll soon be able to savour this hopefully-delectable treat.

Due: Holiday 2017


16) Rocket League

Platform: Nintendo Switch

If you've played Rocket League, chances are great that you love it as much as we do. And if you haven't, you should definitely do that ASAP. And if you have a Nintendo Switch, well, then you'll be able to play it on your go-anywhere console later this year.

Psyonix's brilliantly fun car-football favourite is heading to Switch with the complete experience from other platforms, including hockey, basketball, and other variations on the theme, plus it'll come with exclusive Mario/Luigi and Metroid cars, as well as other Nintendo items and toppers.

Due: Holiday 2017