3 safety precautions to take to prevent your smartphone from blowing up

It's always better to be safe than sorry

There’s been a spate of exploding smartphones recently. We won't point fingers because it could happen to anyone. 

While smartphones have been manufactured to the highest safety regulations, there’s always the possibility that the lithium batteries might explode, especially when the battery overheats. This is due to thermal runaway, whereby excess heat produced during charging creates more and more heat, leading to an unwanted combustion.  

Even if lithium batteries are usually equipped to protect against overcharging, there are several possible instances that could still cause a thermal runaway to occur. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so here are three safety precautions to keep yourself (and your ears) safe from a smartphone explosion:

Don’t let your charging phone overheat

Your smartphone gathers heat as it charges. So don’t help it overheat by placing your charging phone under your pillow or on top of another heat-emitting device.

The same can be said for playing games or talking for long hours on the phone, which generates additional stress to the smartphone and the charger. Stop using the phone when you feel it getting hotter and take it out of its case if need be.