3 ingenious transforming shoebox apartments

Push and click your way to bigger living spaces
3 ingenious transforming shoebox apartments

You live in an overpriced glorified shoebox. What are you going to do about it?

You could cry and moan about your miniscule living space, or make like any of these three people and convert that itty bitty space into a liveable habitat. When life gives you limited real estate, make intelligent floor plans. Here are some ideas.


Christian Schallert’s box of an apartment might look like well, just a box. Where’s the bed? The kitchen? Well, notice the wall of compartment doors? Each of them hides a series of additions that can be activated with a push to convert that microscopic space into better functionality. 

New York

The founder of TreeHuggerGraham Hill's little studio apartment is more than meets the eye. It may be all of 39 square meters, but that doesn’t mean it isn't able to become more than it is - within that small space lies 8 different rooms. Don’t believe us? Take a gander. 

Hong Kong

Think your apartment is too small? You'll want to take that back after visiting Hong Kong. Watch how Hong Kong dweller Gary Chang makes the most of his tiny apartment, moving walls to transform his 32 square meters into 24 rooms.