3 great reasons to use gaming gear at work

They can really bring practical benefits to your work life

It may sound like a paradox, but what gamers use to play with at home could be put to great use in the office.

Just look at what you do every day. You head into the workplace, sit in a chair, and hammer away at a keyboard and mouse for hours. All while listening to music on earphones that came with your phone. As Immortan Joe says it, “MEDIOCRE”.

There are other people who do just that, often for longer than you and in much greater comfort, that accomplish more – gamers. While playing, and in terms of game achievements, of course.

If you’re a gamer, odds are you’ve already started bringing your gear into the office, and we apologise for revealing your secret to the world. But on the very real chance you aren’t, read on, and find out what many tech journalists have been doing for years, and why.


Gamers play for hours at a stretch, so it only makes sense that their equipment is built to facilitate that in terms of ergonomics.

Take, for example, the Omega gaming chair by Secret Lab. The company’s founders are former competitive gamers, so they know exactly what to put in a chair to make them as comfortable as possible for long hours of computer usage. Which is just what you need at your desk job.

Designed to offer maximum support and weight distribution for all body shapes, the Omega packs extra thick cold-cure foam and a full-length adjustable backrest to hold you snugly in place all day. What’s more, the armrests are adjustable in four directions, so there’s bound to be one that’ll fit your proportions.

Sure, it can be considered pricey at RM1470, but it’ll save you a ton in back problems and possible medical bills. Plus, it’s still cheaper than a S$729 Herman Miller. Trust us, it’s one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever sat on.

The same goes for keyboards and mice – a gaming model is sure to be more comfortable for you in the long run than a generic one.


Besides ergonomics, another way gaming mice and keyboards are better is performance. The key here (pun intended) lies in the extra programmable buttons that come on these peripherals.

Imagine being able to hit a button on the side of your mouse and have a new tab open on your browser. Or cut, copy, and paste in an instant. That’s a major convenience right there, and a prime example would be the RM199 Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury, which has 8 extra programmable buttons in easy-to-hit locations.

It’s also got sensitivity that’s way higher than a regular mouse, moving your cursor with greater accuracy and silky smoothness across your screen. This comes in handy during minute operations such as cropping a picture really close. The sensitivity lets you fine tune with ease, and not go through endless rounds of tweaking like on a mundane mouse.

As for keyboards, something such as the RM629 Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma will take care of all your needs. It has all these customisable buttons, as well as dedicated controls for everything on your computer, including volume and media playback controls.

It also has mechanical keys that are really responsive, and give you a satisfying clack like a typewriter when you press them for greater typing pleasure.

Plus, the keyboard clicks let everyone know when you’re working in office, giving you greater presence and making you appear really busy to your boss. Even if all you’re doing is typing a really long Facebook update.

Alternatively, you could opt for silent mechanical keys, which come with all the practical benefits and feel, but without the aural barrage.


Most of all, using gaming gear shows your colleagues that you’re serious about your work, and has the added effect of looking really cool. Look at it this way: you’re bringing your own specialised equipment to the office, just to be better at your job. Now that’s serious business.

Also, gaming gear nowadays is fully backlit with colour LEDs that are fully customisable, letting you choose exactly what hue you want your keyboard to glow in. That’s almost visual communication that lets people know how you’re feeling right at that moment.

Everything’s blue? I’m cool. Red? You’d better stay away. Flashing in rainbow colours? I’m feeling positively awesome today. Communication is key, right boss?


‘Nuff said.