25 video game soundtracks you’ll definitely hum along to

A definitive collection of the greatest music from the world of video games

There are a lot of great things about video games. They can tell amazing stories and flaunt impressive visuals, but they can also grab your attention with a head-bopping soundtrack.

So if you’re looking for some new tunes to rock out or simply kick back to, we’ve built a list of some of video games’ best original soundtracks to help you. With a wide selection of killer beats, you’re bound to find your new jam among them.


For a game as stark as Journey is, its mesmerising score is part of what compels you to push forward through the game. With a Grammy award nomination under its belt, there’s something to be said about Austin Wintory’s atmospheric and uplifting soundtrack that will speak to your emotional core.

Mega Man 2

Mega Man has had many memorable tracks throughout its franchise, but none more revered than Mega Man 2’s “Dr. Wily Stage 1”, which achieved meme status in Japan. However, Mega Man 2’s entire soundtrack ranks as one of chiptunes’ greatest, comprising of other delightful tracks that propel you through the game, such as the groovy “Metalman Stage” and the bittersweet “Bubbleman Stage”.

Portal 2

Portal 2’s soundtrack largely features lots of thumping electronic beats that will plunge you into a sci-fi fever dream, not unlike what you might find from Daft Punk’s offerings. Plus, “Want You Gone”, the follow-up to its predecessor’s whimsical track “Still Alive”, is bittersweet and absolutely phenomenal.

Chrono Cross

Despite its predecessor Chrono Trigger being a more beloved game, Chrono Cross pulls ahead with a soundtrack that makes use of vivid instrumentation and more modern music technology. Not to mention, Chrono Cross features “Scars of Time”, arguably one of gaming’s greatest music pieces; this melancholic and haunting soundtrack will send chills down your spine.