The 25 hottest gadgets of May 2014

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20: a high-end audio Dalek

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20

It may look like an alien invader, but this wireless speaker just wants to fill your room with music. Packing a 10in woofer, 5in midrange and ¾in tweeter with 160w class D amps, and B&O's acoustic lens technology, it's smart, sounds great – and it's wireless, too.

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Aero-X: a real-life hoverbike, coming in 2017

Aerofex Aero-X

Ever since we saw Return of the Jedi, we've dreamed about whizzing around on our very own hoverbike. Soon we'll be able to do that very thing, with Aerofex's Aero-X, a ducted-fan bike that flies three feet off the ground. The scary/awesome part? You won't even need a pilot's license to fly it. Perfect for your commute on the forest moon of Endor.

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Bike Intermodal: the briefcase-sized folding bike

Bike Intermodal

No ordinary folding bike, this commuter-friendly cycle weighs just 4kg and folds down to the size of a small backpack. It's the future of urban biking, and it could be on the roads as early as 2015. 

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Bultaco Rapitan: a sleek electric superbike

Bultaco Rapitan

Spanish bike maker Bultaco returns from a 31-year hiatus with a pair of battery-powered beasts – an angular, streetfighter-style offering dubbed the Rapitan and a squat little track bike, the Rapitan Sport. 21st-century tech with gorgeous looks.

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360cam: the world’s widest angle full HD 360-degree camera


Three fish-eye lenses combine to capture almost everything surrounding this compact camcorder – with a 360 by 300-degree field of view and waterproofing, it's the perfect companion to an Oculus Rift – you'll be able to look around inside your photos.

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