The 25 best Apple Watch apps (that we’re actually using)

Streaks Workout (RM12.90)

This app broke a couple of the Stuff team, but we nonetheless heartedly recommend it for a quick calorie burn. All you need is your Apple Watch – Streaks Workout functions independently of the iOS app – and the will to work up a bit of a sweat.

You choose from four workout lengths (30 entirely suitably being dubbed ‘pain’), and the app strings together simple exercises. When you’re done with a set of reps, you tap the screen. Easy. Except when your entire body is screaming at you for not initially going for the six-minute option.

Download Streaks Workout

Just Press Record (RM13)

The idea behind Just Press Record is to make capturing voice memos insanely simple. On Apple Watch, the app starts off as a massive microphone button. Prod it to start recording. When you’re done, the recording lurks on your Apple Watch until it next connects to your iPhone, at which point it transfers. Easy.

Using the Apple Watch app, you can also peruse and playback recent recordings. The only snag is there’s no background playback, so it’s best for shortish memos. Still, that’s a small niggle when using it makes you feel like you’re living in a trashy sci-fi flick.

Download Just Press Record

Pennies (RM16.90)

In our experience, pennies aren’t so much the problem when it comes to budgeting – pounds are (and often, lots of them). If you get to the end of the month and wonder where all your money went, weld Pennies to your wrist.

You set up lists, allocate a budget, and then input values when you spend or receive some cash. And if you want to be constantly guilted by your Apple Watch, Pennies can show your ongoing budget as a Complication.

Download Pennies

iTranslate (free)

Although it’s not quite like having a tiny translator taped to your wrist, iTranslate can quickly find translations for whatever you utter (or scribble) into it; and it can also speak (through your Apple Watch) to help with pronunciation.

Go ‘pro’ (a month costs $4.99, RM21) and you can use an offline mode on your phone. The app also has a clever Complication, which shows a greeting for the current time of day, and displays previous translations when you twiddle the Digital Crown to use the watchOS Time Travel feature.

Download iTranslate

Runkeeper (free + IAP)

A long-time favourite of healthy folks, Runkeeper also happens to have a snazzy Apple Watch app. If you have an older Apple Watch, Runkeeper will happily communicate with your iPhone, providing updates on your current progress as you wheeze your way around a circuit that suddenly appears to be a million miles in length.

Got an Apple Watch Series 2? Turn off Run With Phone and the Runkeeper app will use your wearable’s GPS to build a map of your journey. Great for checking out routes of successful runs. Not so much if your old route involved a sneaky bakery pit-stop that you were dead set on no-one ever discovering.

Download Runkeeper