The 25 best Apple Watch apps (that we’re actually using)

Productive (free or RM16.90)

On the iPhone, Productive is designed to help you build good habits. You create individual habits and say how often you want to do them. The app then builds daily schedules, split into morning, afternoon and evening.

The Apple Watch app is a basic companion – but a smart one. On launch, it’ll switch to the relevant list, enabling you to quickly check through your schedule. Finished a task? Tap Done and wear a smug grin. Don’t fancy doing one today? Tap Skip and perfect your guilty face for a bit.

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Sleep++ (free)

Most Apple Watch apps are designed to feed you information while you’re awake. Sleep++ is almost the opposite – grabbing information while you’re snoozing. Broadly speaking, it’s designed to track motion, thereby figuring out how restless you are – and when. If it turns out you’re always rolling about at 3am, it might be worth seeing if your neighbour’s performing impromptu guitar solos around that time.

With watchOS 3’s Background Refresh, Sleep++ is now more responsive when you wake, enabling you to immediately analyse last night’s sleep. And although you might wonder when you can charge your Apple Watch if you wear it overnight, the developer notes that shouldn’t be a concern.

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Drafts (RM21)

Weirdly, Notes has yet to make its way across to Apple Watch, but fortunately Drafts ably fills that particular void. The app enables you to capture new notes by dictation, which are then hurled into your Drafts inbox. Alternatively, you can append or prepend whatever you input to an existing note – for example, to update a diary or shopping list.

If you don’t fancy talking at your Apple Watch, you can use the new watchOS 3 Scribble feature to write notes instead. Also, your inbox is browsable and your notes are readable on you Apple Watch, saving you from having to keep heading to your iPhone.

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Watch Player (RM3.90)

Although Overcast remains our favourite iOS podcast player, it lacks the ability to hurl entire podcasts at your Apple Watch. By contrast, Watch Player enables you to leave your iPhone behind and still delve into your favourite shows.

At least once you’ve transferred them. You’ll still need to use Watch Player for iPhone to send podcasts to your Apple Watch, which can take a while (a few minutes per hour of audio). But once that’s done, you can enjoy your podcasts even if your iPhone’s hurled into the heart of the sun.

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Fantastical (RM12)

It feels a bit odd to recommend an app primarily for one feature, but here we are. For reasons beyond us, Calendar on Apple Watch still lacks the means to create new entries. By contrast, Fantastical’s been able to do so for ages.

Much like the iPhone version, Fantastical for Apple Watch has some natural-language smarts, meaning you can say something like “lunch with Mark next Wednesday at 12 for 2 hours” and the event will be correctly created. Beyond that… well, it’s a calendar for your Apple Watch, although a good-looking and snappy one.

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