26 ways you're unknowingly draining your iPhone's battery

Being email-obsessive

We know some of you can’t resist checking on your inbox every now and then. But you can expect a drain of your iPhone’s juicebox when it’s perpetually searching for new emails to push to you.

Do this instead: Fetch your email manually instead of having your iPhone push it every so often. To do this, click on Settings, then Accounts, and Fetch New Data. Make sure Push is off and you can either set an interval for your phone to fetch your new emails or do it manually, so new email is only fetched when you bring the app up.

Or you could just, y'know, not check your email outside of office hours.

Keeping your iPhone unlocked and active

Those who choose Never on their Auto-Lock settings are essentially wasting precious battery life. If you think about it, your iPhone display stays live when you’re interacting with it and if you’re not, there’s no reason to keep it unlocked.

Do this instead: Go to Settings, then General, and finally to Auto-Lock and choose the shortest time possible, which is 30 seconds in this case, and more than adequate for your needs.

Unknowingly keeping advertising tracking on

Who doesn’t hate ads? Bet you didn’t know that a little Advertising feature has been buried in the depths of your iPhone to help you stop advertisers from serving you targeted ads and slurping up your battery life along the way. According to the little disclaimer, you may still continue receiving less relevant ads but we will take our chances. 

Do this instead: Make sure you’re one step ahead of mindless ads by clicking on Settings, then Privacy, and scrolling all the way to the bottom where the Advertising tab is crouching. Swipe the tab to the right to Limit Ad Tracking and resume browsing independence.

Being an over-enthusiastic geotagger

We know it’s fun to keep track of all the places you’ve been in your life, but is it really necessary? You’d be surprised at how Location Services has been activated for apps that don’t really need it. Leaving Location Services on when you’re just walking to the bus stop is a waste of limited battery life. Not to mention, you don’t really want everyone to be able to keep tabs on your whereabouts, do you?

Do this instead: Do a clean-up by going to Settings, then PrivacyLocation Services and turn off everything. Otherwise, you can customise the apps which have Location Services to only have access to your location when they're on with While Using the App or never at all, because apps like BBC News and your local banking ones don't really need the function.

Have Siri waiting in the wings

To be honest, how many of us actually use Siri? And if you aren’t, why keep her running in the background sipping on your battery life?

Do this instead: Give Siri a break by going to SettingsGeneral, and then Siri’s tab. If you feel insecure about not having your mobile personal assistant on standby, at least disable the Raise to Speak function.