2014 Review: the stories that matter to YOU

A year later, we revisit the big news that caught your attention
2014 Review: the stories that matter to YOU

The year passed by pretty quickly, and you’ve been a big part of it.

As we look back at the year in passing, these are the moments when you, the reader, truly found value in the stories we did. And why not, because these are the stories that truly matter to you. Just in case you missed it, have a look at the news, features and reviews that made the headlines in the year 2014.

The secrets of WhatsApp, revealed!

2014 Review: the stories that matter to YOU

Did he see my message? Why hasn’t she replied? The burning questions that arose when the insidious blue ticks were silently included in an update to WhatsApp. What you didn’t know, was that there were more secret features within the messaging app. How did we know? Because everyone shared the heck out of that story on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve even received a few thank you notes for the WhatsApp enlightenment.

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Saving your iPhone battery, one tip at a time

2014 Review: the stories that matter to YOU

The biggest first-world problem: a battery that doesn’t last through a day. This is even more so for iPhone users who would carry multiple battery packs to keep the phone juiced up. We had a solution for that, and it was just a few simple tweaks that would have surprised you. If you missed this story (we’re not sure why, it was huge), it’s time to take a look at it.

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Xiaomi - the rising star

2014 Review: the stories that matter to YOU

The Chinese company is now the most valuable tech startup, all thanks to you. Because you’ve been keeping an eye on Xiaomi’s growth here, anything related to the Chinese company, from reviews to news, became a hot topic. If anything, the numbers say it best - the Xiaomi Redmi was the second most read review, while secret features of the MIUI got you clicking.

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Apple’s still the winner

2014 Review: the stories that matter to YOU

Why? Because you have been devouring our Apple stories with a hunger like no other. In this year alone, the Apple iPhone 6 was our most popular review. And apparently, you were very eager to find out how much the new iPhones cost and how you can get them, because right after the announcements went live, everyone went ballistic over the availability of the new iPhones. We know this to be true - the iPhones are still the Apple of your eye.

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Onwards to 2015

You’ve shared the big moments with us, through the days and nights when we bring you the latest happenings in the tech industry. As we end 2014, it’s time to give thanks to the readers who have made a difference in our lives.

We’re going to start 2015 with a big bang? How? With live reports from the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas. Expect more wearable tech, connected homes and more great tech innovations starting in the first week of 2015!

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