The 20 hottest gadgets of June 2014

Zolo: smartphone accessories get modular


This crowdfunded collection of kit, including case, battery and cables, uses magnets to tidy up your life.

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Withings Activité: a beautiful fitness-tracking watch

Withings Activité

The Withings Activité is the most gorgeous fitness tracker we've ever seen – and its one-year battery life isn't too shabby either.

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Jaguar Project 7: Jag's road-ready racer

Jaguar Project 7

Last year, Jaguar unleashed its gorgeous D-type inspired concept car. This year, you'll be able to buy it – and take it on the road. This big cat bites.

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Pelty: the Bluetooth speaker that's powered by fire


Yes, you read that right: this speaker harnesses the elemental power of the flame (well, a tealight) to bring you sound. And you thought your potato-powered clock was special.

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AStudio Mika 350: this lampshade rocks

This solid granite lampshade is impractically heavy, yet rather beautiful. If you've seen a better way to dress up a lightbulb, let us know.

Read more about the AStudio Mika 350 here

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