The 20 hottest gadgets of June 2014

OD-11 speaker: a cloud-connected cube

OD-11 cloud speaker

Think this cube speaker looks familiar? You’re not wrong… The beautiful OD-11 cloud speaker plays nice with Spotify and AirPlay.

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LiveWire: the first electric Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Is that distinctive Harley engine rumble about to be replaced with a whine? It's the beginning of a new era as this electric hog takes to the road.

Read more about the Harley-Davidson LiveWire here

Scribble: the pen that can draw in any colour


Just when you thought pen technology couldn't get any more advanced… Scribble can scan objects and draw in any colour you can imagine.

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Vessyl: the cup that knows what you’re drinking


This cup’s no mug – in fact it’s so smart it’ll never fail the Pepsi Challenge (honestly). It knows exactly what you're drinking, and just how fat it'll make you.

Read more about Vessyl here

IPunch: the smart boxing glove


These sensor-equipped gloves are designed for the fisticuffs of the future, telling you exactly how big a can of whoopass you’ve opened.

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