The 20 hottest gadgets of June 2014

Lyric: a smart thermostat that knows where you are

Honeywell Lyric thermostat

Watch out Nest and Tado: there’s a new way to get smartphone-controlled cooling in the home.

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VW's Gran Turismo-inspired Golf GTI Roadster

Golf GTI Roadster

Gamers rejoice! Volkswagen has made its videogame speed machine a reality – but don’t start saving for that deposit just yet…

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Mod: the 21st century Filofax

This Is Ground Mod

This leather-bound take on the 80s yuppie staple from This Is Ground will look after your gadgets and other essentials in style, with interchangeable inserts for every occasion.

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Edyn Garden Sensor: Lawn 2.0

Edyn Garden Sensor

This smart sensor connects your garden to the Internet of Things – and keeps the grass greener on your side.

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Odin projector puts a 250in screen in your hand

Odin projector

Finally, you can share your delightful cat videos with the entire train carriage, thanks to this combined mini-PC and projector. Professor Bojangles will be famous at long last.

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