The 20 hottest gadgets of June 2014

We've rounded up the most spectacular gadgets of the month, taking in everything from smart boxing gloves to electric Harley-Davidsons
Demand Better Audio Envy 3

Every day, we explore the furthest reaches of the gadget world for Hot Stuff – our compendium of the best-designed, most exciting gadgets out there.

We find so much Hot Stuff, in fact, that you might have missed one or two bits of killer kit. So we've gathered the highlights of the month in one place for you. Aren't we nice?

The barbecue of your smoky, meat-filled dreams

Kalamazoo K1000HS

Other grills tremble at the mention of the Kalamazoo K1000HS, a grill that costs as much as a new car and could probably cook one, if you asked it.

Read more about the Kalamazoo K1000HS here

The one-of-a-kind Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato

Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato

Stop looking at this curvy supercar, you can't afford it. No, really. This Zagato-bodied Lamborghini Gallardo is a one-off, built to order, and you can't have it.

Read more about the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato here

The 1,000-brick Lego Mini Cooper

Lego Mini Cooper

This all-new official set comes in British Racing Green, of course – and with a picnic hamper in the boot.

Read more about the Lego Mini Cooper here

Tado Cooling: make your AC smart

Tado Cooling

Connect any remote-controlled air conditioning unit to the Internet of Things with this app-powered accessory.

Read more about Tado Cooling here

Demand Better Audio Envy 3: sound in the round

Demand Better Audio Envy 3

Cubes are great and all, but we appreciate fine curves too – and these gorgeous spherical kebab speakers should sound as good as they look.

Read more about Envy 3 here

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