The best kids movies and TV shows on Netflix

Because you need all the parenting help you can get

Kids, eh? Tsk. But then again, sometimes it's all Yay!

Either way, knowing what's hot and what's not on TV - and by TV we mean Netflix - is an important part of parenting.

On those 'Tsk' days, you can lock them in a dark room with a TV and remote and tell them to get on with it. And on those 'Yay!' days you can cuddle up with them on the sofa and bond over a glowing rectangle filled with a minimum of 1920x1200 pixels.

Anyway, here's our pick of films and TV shows for your darling little genetic mutations.

PRE-SCHOOL (2-4): Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

The number of TV shows which will keep your little one happy while also entertaining you are few and far between - so let’s all give thanks for the wonder that is Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

On the face of it, Ben & Holly... isn’t much more than a cutesy cartoon about elves and fairies, but you’ll only need a few minutes with it to realise that it’s actually a razor-sharp social satire. Class war? It’s here. Politics? Ditto. The education system, the environment, the role of the Royal family in a rapidly modernising economy? Check, check and check again.

Your kids won’t get much of that of course, but while they giggle at the standard fairytale fare of witches and magic and gnomes with big appetites, you can enjoy the biting wit of Nanny Plum and content yourself that they’re absorbing it all subliminally. Or maybe we're reading too much into it all?

Watch Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom on Netflix


Dinosaur Train

All kids love dinosaurs, and there's no shortage of them on children's TV. So, you could leave them in hideously twee purple embrace of Barney, or you could terrify them brainless by sitting them down in front of Jurassic Park (disclaimer: don't really do this to a two-year-old).

Far better though to watch Dinosaur Train with them. It's fun, it's educational, it's packed with those all-important morals and it has a theme tune so catchy it should be a wicketkeeper. What more could you want?

Watch Dinosaur Train on Netflix