20 of the best apps for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

5. Documents (RMfree)

In iOS 9, you now get an optional iCloud Drive app (Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen to activate it), for delving into your cloud documents. But we’ve long used the free Documents app for this, because it gives you access to other online storage locations as well, along with enabling you to manage, archive and share files with ease.

With the latest iPhones, you get Quick Actions for speedy access to recent and favourite files, or for starting a search; and for any iOS 9 user, files can be searched for in Spotlight.

Download Documents for iOS here

6. Transmit iOS (RM40)

Before now, file management on iOS was a major pain, and overly reliant on Dropbox, given that many apps integrated with it to some extent. With extensible Share sheets on iOS 8, however, the entire OS was opened up like never before.

Transmit brings the smarts from Panic’s OS X app to the iPhone, merges it with a beautiful and minimal interface, and also makes use of the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape by giving you a dual-pane view. 

FTP, SFTP WebDAV, and S3 are supported, giving you the ability to use compatible apps to create your own virtual cloud storage in seconds.

Download Transmit iOS for iOS here

7. iMovie (£3.99; £free with new device)

A year ago, Apple updated iMovie to make use of larger displays, giving you more room for editing and previewing your content. But this year’s biggest shift is in taking advantage of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus being able to shoot 4K video. 

Now, iTunes can create and share films at 3840 x 2160, or dial things down to a more modest 1080p — but at up to 60fps. So, rather madly, this means you can shoot and edit 4K video in a device that fits in your pocket, and all without squinting at edit points. Just avoid 4K on a 16 GB device, unless you want to run out of storage space very fast indeed.

Download iMovie for iOS here

8. Workflow (£3.99)

Workflow’s a perfect app for tinkerers. It’s jam-packed full of actions that you can combine into workflows that save you time by automating processes. These can then be added to your home screen, or accessed from Share sheets. 

If you’re feeling especially lazy, you can pilfer what others have done instead from a handy online repository. With larger screens, you get the benefit of seeing more at any given time, potentially making crafting those workflows a whole lot easier. 

With the latest iPhones, you can use 3D Touch to Peek/Pop installed workflows. Otherwise, iOS 9 adds Spotlight search and the means to have Siri remind you to run a specific workflow later. 

Download Workflow for iOS here

9. Shadowmatic (RM15)

Shadowmatic is a fairly noodly, ambient game, reminiscent of iOS classic Zen Bound. But instead of wrapping rope around objects, here you spin levitating abstract shapes to form recognisable silhouettes within projected shadows.

It’s one of the most visually striking games on iOS, and this kind of tactile experience simply feels so much better on a larger screen. It also showcases how Metal can impact on a wider range of games than shooters and racers.

Download Shadowmatic for iOS here 

10. GarageBand (RM26; free on new devices)

GarageBand hits that sweet spot in being surprisingly powerful for musicians, but also extremely accessible for newbs. So whether you favour plugging in a guitar to blow up your ears through crazy distortion, tinkling digital ivories, or dragging and dropping loops, you’re covered.

On the iPhone 5s, though, you needed to file down your fingers to a point, to get at all of the interface; on a larger iPhone, even the banana-thumbed can attempt to trouble the charts in no time.

Download GarageBand for iOS here 

11. Drafts 4 (RM53)

The notion of writing on an iPhone once seemed really quite mad, but larger models - and especially the iPhone 6s Plus - aim to become your ‘everything’ device. 

What you need, then, is a fully-optimised app that can use 3D Touch to rapidly kick off a new note, cope with jotting down quick ideas, help you fashion long-form structured copy with Markdown, and then fling whatever you’ve penned to pretty much any conceivable service or app. In short: you need Drafts 4. 

Download Drafts 4 for iOS here

12. Fantastical 2 (RM20)

It doesn’t matter how big Apple makes your iPhone, the Calendar and Reminders apps are still going to be rubbish. You’re better off replacing them with the far superior Fantastical 2, which has a straightforward list view for appointments (that you can see more of on larger devices), excellent natural-language input for events, and the kind of usable week view you just want to tape to Jony Ive’s forehead, to show him how it should have been done in-house.

Download Fantastical 2 for iOS here

13. 1Password (RMfree)

lthough iCloud Keychain enables you to share login and payment details across Apple kit, 1Password’s a better bet. It’s cross-platform, stores way more info (including secure notes, software licences and multiple identities), and allows you to easily edit all your information right on your iPhone. 

For larger iPhones, the interface is optimised to make it more generally usable — especially on the iPhone 6s Plus, which has landscape mode — and you can see far more entries at any given time - handy when managing dozens of logins or editing your notes. 

And in iOS 9, there’s also Spotlight search for quickly accessing your logins. 

Download 1Password for iOS here

14. Twitterrific 5 (RMfree)

Elegance is also the watchword of Twitterrific 5. While Tweetbot is awesomely powerful, Twitterrific has an unparalleled sense of design, with beautiful themes, typography and a lightness of touch that works perfectly with Apple’s larger iPhones.

That’s not to say it’s lacking in features, though: Twitterrific has live streaming, list management, gestural controls, filtering and muting, timeline sync, and more. It’s also a free download, with some affordable IAP available to those who want push notifications and no adverts.

Download Twitterrific 5 for iOS here

15. Day One (RM26)

Journalling app Day One’s had a bunch of rewards thrown in its general direction by Apple, and that comes as no surprise when you start using it. This is a sleek, beautifully designed app that’s very usable and ensures your content shines through. 

For current iPhones, you get a properly optimised interface that simply shows more stuff; and there’s integration with Touch ID, Share sheets and a Today view widget in Notification Center.

Download Day One for iOS here

16. PCalc (RM53)

First and foremost, PCalc is a great calculator with a very long heritage - the original Mac version appeared way back in 1992. On the iPhone, it’s the platform’s best traditional calculator by far, and this latest update is fully optimised for Apple’s new displays. It also rolls in a handy Notification Center widget and editing for your button layout, including the means to create dedicated buttons for performing conversions or running functions.

Download PCalc for iOS here

17. Asphalt 8: Airborne (RMfree)

There’s more than a whiff of freemium grind about Asphalt 8, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best arcade racers on the platform. It’s fast, furious and a little bit bonkers, with you zooming through surreal takes on real-world cities. 

With iOS’ Metal, you get suitably over-the-top visual effects - Flames! Air-drag! - but owners of newer Apple devices also enjoy an exclusive season that pits you against three times as many opposing cars. 

Download Asphalt 8 for iOS here

18. Deliveries (RM26)

If you order a lot of things online, as we imagine quite a few Stuff readers do, it pays to keep track of them as they slowly work their way towards your home.

Deliveries has long been our favourite app for doing this. You get a list of what’s on the way and expected delivery times, along with a map if locations are known. There’s a Today view widget, and if you’ve a Plus-sized iPhone, there’s an iPad-like landscape two-pane view. 

Download Deliveries for iOS here 

19. Infuse (from RMfree)

If you have a bigger iPhone, video starts to become a more interesting prospect. Of course, many of the major players (such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix) now offer apps optimised for newer iPhones, but Infuse 3 gains an entry in this list through enabling you to watch pretty much any format on your iPhone without conversion, even streaming footage from a networked PC or NAS.

Download Infuse 3 for iOS here 

20. MindNode (RM53)

OK, so we’re doffing our ‘business’ hat a bit for this one, in that the idea of mind-mapping evokes thoughts of conference rooms and wanting to drown yourself in coffee just to escape from endless meeting hell.

But wait! MindNode is *lovely* to use, and is really fantastic for sketching out ideas for just about anything. Export options are plentiful, and you get loads of room to work on a larger iPhone.

And, as you might expect, there’s 3D Touch support — Quick Actions enable you to start a new mind-map or access a recently edited one.

Download MindNode for iOS here