17 tips and tricks to master Apple Watch and watchOS 3

New faces

7) Browse new faces

Apple added a bunch of new faces in watchOS 3 and even more in watchOS 3.2 to match new straps, and they're all housed in the Watch app. Tap the Face Gallery tab to view new, featured, and themed collections. If you like the look of one, tap it and then Add. Back in the My Watch tab, tap Edit next to My Faces to sort added faces in your preferred order. On your Apple Watch, switch between faces by swiping from the left or right screen edge.

8) Explore complications

More watch faces now house slots for complications – little nuggets of info related to apps (weather conditions; notes; statuses), or simply icons you tap to launch an app. All pre-installed Apple apps now have a complication, and third-party apps are increasingly coming on board.

To cycle through complications, tap-hold the watch face on your Apple Watch to enter customisation mode, swipe to the complication editing screen, tap a complication slot and use the Digital Crown to make a selection.

9) Use multiple iterations of a face

One curious but brilliant discovery with the Face Gallery is that you can add multiple iterations of the same face. That might strike you as odd, until you realise each one can have unique customisation, including its own complications. Like a face but want more complications? Just run multiple iterations of the face, each one having its own complication set-up, and swipe between them.