17 tips and tricks to master Apple Watch and watchOS 3

Get fitter faster

10) Become lord of the rings

We’ve already mentioned the Face Gallery. One of the categories is Activity. This places your Activity rings front and centre, so you can’t miss them – unless you never look at your watch. But in that case what are you doing reading this? Anyway, Activity Analogue, with prominent rings covering the bulk of the screen, is particularly striking.

11) Have a quick workout

Although you could always bellow at Siri, the Workout app can now be accessed extremely quickly if you set it as a complication. Also, when you’re working out, swipe from the left of the screen and tap Lock. Now whatever taps your screen – rain; your head; other people’s body parts – won’t affect it. Rotate the Digital Crown to unlock.

12) Share activities

If you fancy getting a bit more social with exercise (for motivation or gloating), visit the Sharing tab in Activities on your iPhone. You can invite people to share Activity with you, and when they respond (if they have the requisite Apple kit, of course), you’ll be able to check their progress in the Apple Watch Activity app.

13) Learn to breathe

OK, so you probably already know how to breathe, unless you’re the zombie undead somehow using the internet (in which case, congrats – and please don’t eat us). But Apple’s Breathe app is designed to help you focus on your breathing, to help you relax. Haptics guide you, and you can fine-tune how often the app appears, along with how fast it has you breathe, using Breathe’s settings found within the iPhone Watch app.