17 tips and tricks to master Apple Watch and watchOS 3

Dock it to ’em

4) Stash your favourite apps

In your iPhone’s Watch app, tap Dock and then Edit. Now tap + buttons to add favourite apps to the Dock, and - buttons to banish rubbish ones. Use drag handles to reorder the list. Be mindful the App Dock does not go up to 11. (i.e. you can only have ten apps in it).

5) Use the App Dock

On your Apple Watch, click the previously mostly useless Side button. Boom: App Dock! Scroll the list by swiping, or by using the Digital Crown. Note how each app within the App Dock is running live. You may never have to fully open another Apple Watch app again. (Well, unless you use 11 or more. Or want to change some settings or something.)

6) Edit the App Dock – on your Apple Watch

Decided an app’s duff? Swipe up and tap Remove. (Second thoughts? Tap Cancel) Want to rearrange your apps? Long-press and then drag. Just used an app you’d like to stash? Press the Side button and it’ll be in the Recent slot at the right of the Dock. Do precisely nothing for a second and then prod the Keep in Dock button (assuming you don’t have ten already stashed – otherwise you’ll need to remove one first).