16 quirky smartphones you’ve probably never heard of

The strangest designs and features ever released in smartphone form

Each time a new smartphone gets introduced, it’s typically the same improved features - better camera, better apps or better specs.

On the other hand, there are a number of players that try to think out of the box, introducing original features or implementing new design ideas we've never even dreamed of.

We waded through a whole bunch of kooky devices to bring you the most interesting smartphones ever introduced to the world. No Indiegogo concepts that have never seen the light of day are on this list, only the coolest, quirky smartphones that manufacturers took a gamble on to set free on this earth.  

LG Aka - Smartphones with a touch of character

Do you remember the Tamagotchi of yesteryear? In 2014, LG decided to infuse a little personality into the smartphones that stick with us 24/7, and introduced the LG Aka foursome. They might look like plain pink, blue, white and yellow smartphones, but Yoyo, Soul, Wooky and Eggy had their own backstories. Just slide the three-quarter case to the front and a pair of eyes appears for you to interact with.

You could take selfies with your new friend, post it on their Instagram account and earn points for getting new accessories. Plus, if you were bored with your Aka pal, you can buy any of the other coloured cases to switch partners. 

Changhong H2 - Material sensing

How sweet are the fruit you buying at the supermarket? Or how much calories is that cake you’re stuffing in your mouth packing? The Changhong H2 sounds like your typical Chinese smartphone, but on the rear it packs a SCiO spectrometer, a sensor that can scan objects and registers the unique molecular that bounces back.

To put it simply, you can scan your body to find out its body fat, differentiate between genuine and fake Viagra pills or choose the sweetest strawberry among an entire bunch. It’s possible for developers to make close to about any scanner - even how much chocolate is really in your chocolate. No word on price, but it’ll be heading to China soon. 

Posh Mobile Micro X - Smallest smartphone

As smartphones keep getting bigger and bigger (Plus versions, plus versions everywhere), one phone aims to be world’s smallest. Meet the 2.4-inch touchscreen Micro X by Posh Mobile, an Android 4.4 powered smartphone the size of a credit card.

It’s got decent specs too, a Mediatek 5572M processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera, four hours talk time and it's 4G-enabled as well. You get four flavours to choose from: white, black, blue and pink.

Turing Phone - Unbreakable inside and out

Iron Man’s ideal phone would certainly look like this - the Turing Phone runs on Sailfish OS and everything inside, including what you input is apparently is encrypted for protection. The outside is made with a material called Liquidmorphium that claims to be stronger than titanium or steel, so you’re protected both inside and out.

The phone is made by a company called Turing Robotic Industries, which sounds like something Tony Stark would have founded. Interested? Sorry to bring you back down to earth, but the Sailfish OS is difficult to use, not to mention getting one from Turing would be harder than breaking into your own home.