16 Classic Game Remakes You Have to Play

6. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

1997’s Nintendo 64 shooter GoldenEye 007 was lauded for just about every element, from gameplay to graphics. Not bad for a movie tie-in to a then tired franchise.

When craggy Daniel Craig stepped in to reboot Bond, GoldenEye 007 got a makeover too - first for the Wii, then a 2011 release on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Using Craig’s likeness and voice, the new GoldenEye was a streamlined remake with tweaked dynamics and simplified gameplay. But you can’t make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse and the underlying design was a solid foundation to build on.

7. Black Mesa

16 Classic Game Remakes You Have to Play

What do true fans do when they get fed up of waiting for Half-Life 3? Remake the original Half-Life, that’s what.

Black Mesa is a do-over of the seminal, narrative soaked shooter using Valve’s Source engine. Made as a total conversion of Half-Life 2 for PC, it’s entirely free, made with love and kisses by a team of volunteers who are still overhauling every pixel of the original. You can download the first release now and a more polished, second release on Steam is due soon.

8. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

16 Classic Game Remakes You Have to Play

One of Microsoft’s earlier forays into gaming, Halo: Combat Evolved sounds like a sequel but was actually the first in the ever-popular series. A critical darling, praised for its multiplayer mode on the Xbox, it sold 5 million copies.

The anniversary edition is a slick upgrade rather than a remake, preserving the original’s gameplay in digital aspic, while a new graphics engine supports enhanced player models and turns graphical slickness up to 11. If you play one version of Halo on Xbox 360, this should be it.

9. Prince of Persia Classic

Like Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia begat a franchise of titles, but although the 3D “Sands of Time” trilogy had its moments, the original 2D platformer remains the most charming entry in the series.

2008, 19 years after the original’s release, saw a rebuilt 2D PoP with a 3D engine for PlayStation and Xbox, then later for iOS and Android. Prince of Persia Classic slavishly follows the level design of the original and is just as much fun as the original.

10. Another World 20th Anniversary

16 Classic Game Remakes You Have to Play

There are two kinds of gamer. Those who love Another World and those who are wrong. This adventure platformer has a scientists-in-peril-aliens-from-alternate-dimensions plot oddly similar to Half-Life, though it debuted several years before.

Enhanced versions were published in 2006, then again in 2013. Unlike many of the games in this list, the Anniversary editions were updates rather than remakes, with the same base code, original polygon graphics scaled up for HD, new sound and redrawn backgrounds. It looks as gorgeous now as any indie side scroller you might care to mention and the gameplay hasn’t aged a day.