The 16 best new iOS 11 features – and how to use them

Use your iPhone and iPad like a pro, whether editing Live Photos or becoming a master of multitasking

When iOS 11 was announced, we suggested it would make iPad awesome all over again. But the truth is it’s a slice of awesome whatever iOS device you’re rocking.

On iPad, iOS 11 is Apple’s attempt to marry desktop power with iOS elegance – hence the Files app, drag and drop, and souped-up multitasking. But iPhone owners aren’t left in the lurch, because they get plenty of goodies, too.

So delve into our tips, and learn how to make your iPhone and iPad do more.

1. Use drag and drop

On iPad, iOS 11 lets you drag and drop content – whether text, images or URLs – between apps. Start by tap-holding the content. In Split View, drag over to the other app and lift your finger to drop the content. In full-screen, keep your selection held, double-click Home, and tap a thumbnail to open another app.

You can also add to a selection: for example, in Photos, drag a picture and then tap some more; or on the Home screen, tap-hold an app to make the icons jiggle, drag one, and tap some others. That last one’s good for hurling old 32-bit apps into a folder of the doomed.

2. Customise Control Centre

Control Centre‘s revamp groups controls, and pops-up more refined settings when you use 3D Touch on iPhone or tap-hold on iPad. (Sadly, there’s no option to quickly access specific Wi-Fi networks – argh!)

There’s a modicum of customisation on offer, in Settings. Go to Control Centre > Customise Controls. Love stopwatches but inexplicably hate timers? Good news: you can add the former and feverishly delete the latter – before quietly seeking help.

3. Save space

The snag with great games, 4K video, and more photos than your eyes can feasibly cope with, is your device fills to bursting. Fix this by heading to Settings, and then General > iPhone/iPad Storage.

Here, you can automatically offload unused apps, but retain their data upon reinstall – great for temporarily getting rid of games you’re not playing yet might (but let’s face it, probably won’t) finish in the future.

Alternatively, scroll down to offload apps on a one-off basis. More selective pruning’s available by tapping Messages (nuke huge attachments), Photos (review videos and fire up iCloud options), and Music (delete albums or entire artists).