15 of the ugliest phones (unfortunately) known to man

Some, like this creepy human-shaped device, should never have existed

You love your smartphone, whether it's an iOS, Android or *gasp* Windows Phone powered device. But what if you were stuck with a phone so horribly scarred that not even their mothers will love them?

We'd like to apologise in advance for showing you these phones that were obviously beaten with the ugly stick. Prepare to claw your eyes out.

Serene (2005)

Produced as a joint venture between Bang and Olufsen and Samsung, this clamshell phone packed a paltry 0.3MP camera inconveniently located on a side hinge, 31MB storage, and a battery compartment only accessible by using a special screwdriver. Convenient, eh?

Image: mobileburn

Serenata (2007)

Those guys obviously didn’t learn their lesson and followed up the Serene with the Serenata - a cross between a jukebox and a tombstone. Touted as a music player with minimal phone capabilities, it seems ironic that this looks like where music goes to die. When using the stylish rotary wheel as a control pad, your hand always ends up obscuring part of the screen located below. We’re only human, not robots made of right angles.

Image: The Full Signal

Æ+Y (2011)

When you see “designed from a jeweler’s standpoint” in a phone’s description, you kind of get the feeling you’re in for something ostentatious and completely impractical. At €7250 (S$12,575) for the steel and €42,000 (S$72,850) for the gold version, we’ll leave you to figure out how many gold iPhones you can buy with the same amount of money.

Image: Pockethacks