10) An Apple McLaren

Apple's electric car project has been too widely reported to simply be a myth at this point, but any product of that work may be years out still – and help could come from an unexpected source, as well. In September 2016, The Financial Times reported that Apple has been in serious talks with exotic carmaker McLaren for month about a full takeover.

You can insert a joke here about the "Apple tax," but obviously, Apple won't be selling million-quid cars to a mass audience. However, McLaren's knowhow and interest in producing electric cars could be a huge benefit for Apple, which has never made its own cars befores. McLaren denied the report and this one seems like a longshot, but it could also be a really beneficial relationship if it pans out.

Likelihood: 3/10

11) A phone with a stylus

Steve Jobs famously slammed stylus-driven phones, saying, "If you see a stylus, they blew it" – but in the post-Jobs era, Apple has gone against its late founder's whims at times. And this could be the most significant example of all.

According to Korean publication The Investor, Apple has been talking to stylus makers about a partnership to build an iPhone with an included stylus. Why Apple wouldn't just make a smaller Apple Pencil to work with the iPhone is a bit perplexing, but hey, that's what the report claims.

It suggests that we could see the result by 2019, but we don't know… Apple has done plenty fine with its smartphones without needing a stylus, and Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 (shown) still feels a little niche.

Likelihood: 2/10

12) An all-seeing HomePod

Apple's new HomePod speaker – a higher-end competitor to Amazon's Echo and the Google Home – will release early next year, but rumours are already swirling about the next-generation model.

And that one, reportedly, will be able to see you. According to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple's HomePod supplier Inventec Appliances says it expects home speakers to pack in facial recognition in the future, allowing them to automatically adjust settings based on who's in view. Analysts suggest they're talking about a future version of the HomePod.

Of course, the iPhone X has Face ID, so this could be an extrapolation of this. And at US$349 (RM1430), the first-gen HomePod is already in premium pricing territory. We're not sure there's significant value in facial recognition on a home speaker, but anything's possible.

Likelihood: 4/10