15 forgotten tech sounds you just don't hear any more

Wallow in the beeps and buzzes of yesteryear, with these extinct sounds of tech

The tech graveyard is a dark, vast and scary place, littered with outdated hunks of plastic and tangled cables belonging to kit whose time on this Earth was cut short by something faster and shinier.

It’s all too easy to forget how primitive things were back in the day. Mechanical arms, analogue clicks, barbaric beeps - there’s a whole host of sounds that have all but been exterminated from our everyday lives.

Here's our tribute to some of those ghostly sounds faintly echoing in the mausoleum of the tech of yesteryear:

Nokia kick ringtone

No, not that Nokia ringtone. We've gone all hipster on you by choosing another one, though it's equally as recognisable.

Nokia's classic mono ringtone takes us back to an era where thumb cramps from Snake marathons were a daily occurrence and luminous phone covers meant you were cool.

Game Boy power-on beep

As Nintendo's pixellated black logo confidently dropped in from the top of the original Game Boy's monochromatic screen – marking its arrival with an unmistakable ding – you knew you were in for a good time. Bonus colour intro thrown in for good measure.


Apple iPod click wheel

Apple's click wheel served our fingers well throughout all its iterations – now that we're all using touchscreen devices, we rather miss its soothing clickety-clack as we navigated through thousands of tracks in awe. "Look at how many CDs can fit inside this tiny white box!" we'd scream. Sadly, our cats were never too impressed.