The 15 best Xbox 360 games you can play on Xbox One

Celebrate the Xbox's birthday with these last-gen greats

Today officially marks 15 years since Microsoft's original Xbox hit stores, but good luck trying to get one of those old discs running in your Xbox One.

Backwards compatibility only stretches back so far, unfortunately, although Microsoft has hinted that Xbox 1 playback could be more than a pipe dream. In any case, at least you can reach back into the slightly more recent past and play a lot of great Xbox 360 games on the current console.

More than 280 last-gen games are now playable one year after the functionality was patched in, and the list keeps broadening as it expands. Got classic Xbox games on the brain? Here are 15 of our favourite Xbox 360 entries that are well worth revisiting today on your Xbox One or Xbox One S – plus we have handy Xbox Live Games on Demand and Amazon links if you need to add anything to your collection.

Alan Wake

Before Remedy pushed storytelling boundaries with Quantum Break on Xbox One, it did much the same with the gripping Alan Wake. Playing as a novelist who finds himself trapped in a storyline of his own creation, the game blends intense psychological horror with frantic action as you use light to battle back shadowy forces.

It's easily one of the most atmospheric games on the Xbox 360 – and maybe if more people play it, we'll finally get that long-awaited sequel.

Download Alan Wake from Xbox Live



Sadly, it looks like you may never play Bayonetta 2 unless you grab a Wii U (yes, really), but at least we'll always have the absolutely, wonderfully bewildering original – and it's playable on Xbox One now.

Bayonetta is more or less an evolution of the familiar Devil May Cry guns-and-sword formula, only starring a highly-sexualized witch who has guns in her heels and uses her flowing black hair as both her outfit and a weapon. It's an absolutely insane game, but the dizzying hack-and-slash action lives up to the bizarre characters and scenario.



Braid more or less ignited the modern indie game boom, showing that you could make an amazing, meaningful game with a modest budget – but it's more than just a symbol for that revolution. It's also a legitimately incredible game, using a Super Mario-like world to deliver brain-bending time-manipulation puzzles while telling a surprisingly heartbreaking story along the way.

There's never been anything quite like it, even today, and it remains essential.

Download Braid from Xbox Live

Dirt 3

Few games have captured the sense of driving really, really fast as effectively as the Dirt series.

While this third game in the series slows things down too often by putting unnecessary emphasis on the tedious showboating of its gymkhana obstacle courses, the seat-of-your-pants rally stages more than make up for it.